A wonderful peaceful retreat where J & D welcome their guests as friends and Daniel will share his passion for art with you. A charming place to enjoy this lovely region. -

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Guesthouse La Haute Chambre

La Haute Chambre
62170, Beussent 124 rte d'Hucqueliers, 62170 Beussent 50.553858,1.7922889999999825
From 85 € / night

Josiane and Yves are devoted hosts who will pull out all the stops to make your stay enjoyable. An exquisite place.

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Guesthouse La Grange à Elise

La Grange à Elise
68170, Rixheim 66 Grande Rue, 68170 Rixheim 47.744491431755975,7.402262791046155
From 79 € à 167€ € / night

A tranquil house with a charming and devoted hostess, Jocelyne who takes great care of her guests..

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Guesthouse La Saura

La Saura
21360, Lusigny sur Ouche Route de Beaune, 21360 Lusigny sur Ouche 47.090635,4.673586999999998
From 95 € / night

Alain’s an artist and will be delighted to show you his studio and his artwork. Dominique will show you round the garden – there are lots of cosy corners to sit and relax. A lovely house where one feels so at home .

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Guesthouse Les Trois Hélices

Les Trois Hélices
54320, Maxéville 1 rue Général Leclerc, 54320 Maxéville 48.711211,6.165042999999969
From 75 € / night

A peaceful spot . Chloé and JF are delightful hosts. Enjoy their home and their company .

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Guesthouse Les Chambres de l'Abbaye

Les Chambres de l'Abbaye
60850, Saint Germer de Fly 2 rue Michel Greuet, 60850 Saint Germer de Fly 49.44400152431754,1.7826747169494865
From 85 € / night

Superb views from the luxurious, elegant bedroom and a warm welcome from JC , a most charming host . This lovely house shares its past with many a celebrity .

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Guesthouse 6,Mandel

75116, Paris 6 Av Georges Mandel, 75116 Paris 48.86325679999999,2.2852448999999524
From 180 € / night

Art lovers will adore this house where Pascal’s artwork takes pride of place. Philomena’s warm smile & kindness will make you feel at home right away. She’ll ensure you have a wonderful stay.

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Guesthouse Du Coq à l'Âne

Du Coq à l'Âne
57365, Flevy 40 Grand'Rue, 57365 Flevy 49.237451,6.244402000000036
From 80 € / night

Each bedroom has its own character , elegantly decorated by Sylviane and of course Marblo has added his artistic touch too . Sylviane is a caring hostess and obviously devoted to her home & her guests.

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Guesthouse Château de la Hussardière

Château de la Hussardière
70180, Vaite 1, route de Roche, 70180 Vaite 47.5915521,5.727763600000003
From 90 € / night

Pascale and Jacques alone make this an address to recommend without fault.

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Guesthouse Le Château de la Grande Noë

Le Château de la Grande Noë
61290, Moulicent Château de la Grande Noë, 61290 Moulicent 48.563044,0.758687000000009
From 100 € / night

Rémy and his wife , perfect hosts, have created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere here.They are eager to please and make you feel at home .

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Guesthouse Château d'Eporcé

Château d'Eporcé
72550, La Quinte Eporcé, 72550 La Quinte 48.07631139999999,0.06008889999998246
From 90 € / night

Martine and Jean Philippe have hung up their globetrotters’ hats and are ready to welcome guests from around the world in their lovely home. A new venture for this charming couple eager to make your stay just perfect . We will always have fond memories of our visit.

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Guesthouse La Bergerie de l'Aqueduc

La Bergerie de l'Aqueduc
28130, Houx 9 rue de l'Aqueduc, 28130 Houx 48.56603859533173,1.6158690793456572
From 140 € / night

Guesthouse Château de Clermont les Fermes

Château de Clermont les Fermes
02340, Clermont les Fermes 1 rue de Bucy, 02340 Clermont les Fermes 49.66617636025098,3.9370964512481805
From 100 € / night

Guesthouse Le Mas d'Alzon

Le Mas d'Alzon
07150, Vagnas La Mas d'Alzon, 07150 Vagnas 44.350829700478656,4.3582513914794845
From 98 € / night

Guesthouse Le Clos Saint-Angel

Le Clos Saint-Angel
63410, Saint -Angel 4 rue des Noyers, Villemorie, 63410 Saint-Angel 46.00868190341451,2.9568609669341868
From 115 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine du Soleil Couchant

Domaine du Soleil Couchant
11200, Saint André de Roquelongue 14 rue Couchet, 11200 Saint André de Roquelongue 43.1147754,2.833952400000044
From 125 € / night

A return in the past in beauty ... How not to succumb to the charm of this guest house nestled in an alley of one of the most beautiful villages perched in the region. Cathy and Pierre have used their many talents to make this place a haven of healing. Intimacy preserved, impregnable view on the penitents of Mées, singular atmosphere and reception of the warmest, than dream of better ...

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Guesthouse Les Vieux Murs

Les Vieux Murs
04600, Montfort Traverse de la citernet, 04600 Montfort 44.063302464743394,5.9714832074066635
From 110 € / night

The beauty of the place, the location, the interior and exterior spaces, the originality and the coherence in the decoration combining the old and the contemporary, the privacy preserved, ... In short, everything is assembled for a dream stay.

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Guesthouse Les Rochers

Les Rochers
50680, Cerisy la Forêt Lieu dit LesRochers, 50680 Cerisy la Forêt 49.18303864410904,-0.9434470449218679
From 100 € / night

Surrounded by a 7-hectare wooded park, ponds, animated by animals inhabiting the place, the Château du Bec of all beauty is a magic area.

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Guesthouse Le Château du Bec

Le Château du Bec
76133, Saint Martin du Bec 4 route du château, 76133 Saint Martin du Bec 49.5978382,0.20686769999997523
From 140 € / night